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4 Splurges I’d Never Cut Out of My Budget – The Motley Fool

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Cutting all of life’s luxuries can backfire. 


Image source: Getty Images

Cutting all of life’s luxuries can backfire. 

Key points

  • Cutting all the fun things out of your budget can backfire.
  • There are a few splurges that I won’t give up.
  • This includes housekeeping services, among other things. 

Over the years, I have prioritized saving money and have tried to make smart spending decisions. This has meant looking for ways to reduce unnecessary expenditures so I can devote more money to accomplishing important financial goals.

But even as I cut things like unnecessary streaming services and spending on fancy clothes out of my budget, there are four splurges I’ve absolutely refused to cut back on. Here’s what they are. 

1. Housekeeping services

Each week, my housekeeper comes on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. She handles everything from grocery shopping to doing laundry to routine cleaning. I pay her pretty well for the work she does, but it’s well worth the money. Because she takes care of these mundane tasks, I have more time to work — and I earn more each hour than what I’m paying her. 

Not only does it make financial sense for me to pay a housekeeper, but she also improves my life considerably. I don’t like cleaning and I’m not good at it, so the services she provides allow me to avoid stress and keep a clean house when otherwise my home would be a disaster. My husband and I also don’t have to fight over who does what chores, as my housekeeper takes care of most of the unpleasant tasks. 

2. Organic food

We prioritize eating organic food in my house, and we aren’t afraid to spend more to go to local farms to get grass-fed beef and vegetables that have not been sprayed with tons of pesticides.

While I know organic food is controversial, we believe there are health benefits to eating organically and we aren’t afraid to splurge in order to eat foods we believe are better for us and our children. 

3. Trips with my children

My kids are 2 years old and 1 month old, and we’ve already planned numerous vacations before my daughter even turns one. While it can be expensive to travel with a family of four, my husband and I are committed to showing my kids as much of the world as possible, and to helping them …….


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