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Money has never been tighter, and people are looking for ways to earn more outside of their regular jobs. Money-making hobbies that can be started from home can improve your mental health, reduce stress, build valuable skills and, most importantly, pay you for something you already enjoy.

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Whether your intent is to make a bit of extra cash or start up a new business, now is a perfect time to look at what interests you and turn your hobby into a profitable side hustle or new career. So, without getting into the weird hobbies-turned-careers like pet food tasters, professional mourners, paranormal guides or snake venom milkers — here are five potentially lucrative hobbies that you may not have considered.

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1. Flying Drones

Unmanned aerial vehicle fans are the new remote control airplane hobbyists. The hobby is becoming more affordable but, more importantly, the number of industries that use drones is expanding swiftly.

Amazon saw the possibilities of rapid parcel delivery early and has been fine-tuning its Prime Air service to better serve its customers for years. Other companies have followed suit and drones are not only being used for commercial deliveries, but are being applied in the healthcare, food and postal delivery services too. 

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Real estate agencies, insurance companies and construction and surveying firms need aerial pictures for projects and are always hiring drone operators. Photography and film students are increasingly using drones for school and work. The New York City Drone Film Festival currently offers prizes and a $5,000 grant to a drone director every month to make a film.

For the more adventurous, drone races are all the rage among speed enthusiasts and pilots are now being sponsored by companies for race events. Drones can be expensive and certifications might be required depending on the intended use of your drone, but this is a hobby that has quickly infiltrated a huge number of industries in a short period of time.

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2. Watching TV

For the millions of Americans that list watching TV as their favorite hobby, making money while you sit on your couch viewing the latest movies and series must sound like a dream job.

There really are professional TV watchers …….


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