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Earning an extra $500 is within your reach. All it takes is knowing which kinds of side hustles you can explore that allow you to share your skill sets and get paid for it.

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If you need an extra $500 this month, consider taking on one of these side gigs. 


If you are fluent in several languages, like English, Spanish and French, you may consider working a side gig that specializes in translation services. 

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Salvador Ordorica, CEO and founder of The Spanish Group, initially started his business as a Spanish English translator side hustle in college. Today, The Spanish Group is an INC 5000 business with over 300 translators in more than 30 countries offering translation in 90+ languages.

While translating does require training to provide accurate certified translations, translators have the opportunity to earn more than $500 in their role. Ordorico said translators can earn between $1,000 to $10,000 per month depending on training and types of languages they are able to accurately translate.

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There is always a demand for child care, regardless of your location. Sean Greene is the founder and CEO of Bambino, the number one babysitting app that leverages the power of location, social connections and personalized recommendations to create trusted relationships between families and sitters.

Babysitting, Greene said, is a gig economy job that is essentially recession-proof. “Babysitting is often a supplemental income stream for people outside their regular job,” said Greene. “In 2021, we saw an increase in hourly rates at about 7% and this year it has surged to 12%.”

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Greene anticipates babysitting requests, which are open to sitters ages 13 and up in most markets, will rise as much as 140% this summer versus summer 2021. As a side hustle, babysitters can work flexible hours and self-determine hourly rates with the average hourly rate for babysitting now between $20 to $30 an hour. 

Litter Cleanup

It may not be a glamorous job to pick up the trash, but it pays well and helps keep planet earth clean.

Brian Winch, author of “Cleanlots – America’s Simplest Business,” has been in the parking lot litter cleanup business since 1981. What started out as a side job for Winch became a …….


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