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Being able to work from home has been touted as a huge benefit for working mothers — but this isn’t always the case. A recent Bloomberg article called the “work-from-home revolution” a “trap for women,” noting that the partner who works from home is usually tasked with taking care of the household and children while also working full time. This is likely contributing to the increased stress working women are feeling. Deloitte’s 2022 Women at Work survey found that 53% of women say their stress levels are higher than they were a year ago and 46% feel burned out.

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Being a full-time worker and full-time keeper of the household will inevitably lead to burnout, so it’s important to set healthy boundaries with yourself and others to stop this from happening. In this “Financially Savvy Female” column, we’re chatting with experts about realistic ways you can avoid burnout as a mom who works from home.

Establish Set Hours for Work

It’s easy to get sucked into working more when your home is your office.

“Being home can make it easy to work until dinner time and then again after the kids go to bed,” said Deborah Porter, a life coach for moms and workplace parent consultant. “Close your computer and leave your ‘office’ just like you would if you were in a physical one.”

To realistically be able to do this, you may have to have a frank conversation with your boss about expectations.

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“If there are projects that need attention after hours, agree on what that availability looks like and otherwise agree on what time the day ends,” said Rachel Kanarowski, mindfulness educator and founder of Year of Living Better, a consulting group focused on solving stress in the workplace. “If someone needs you after that time, it should be the exception.”

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Take Breaks Throughout the Day

“Taking frequent breaks for exercise or meditation will help with stress management,” said Dr. Jacqueline Kerr, behavior scientist and host of the podcast “Overcoming Working Mom Burnout.” “Using focused work methods, such as the Pomodoro 25-minute chunks, can help.”

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