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While it might seem like the influencers you follow on Instagram, TikTok and YouTube have follower numbers in the millions, making money off social media doesn’t require a high follower count. With some intentional planning and insight from the experts, you can be well on your way to turning your social media into a successful side hustle.

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Keep reading to discover six ways to up-level your social media habits in order to create a new stream of income in your 20s.

Have a Plan and Find a Niche

Before you get started making money on social media, it’s important to have a plan for how you will turn your social media presence into a financial venture and curate a marketing plan in order to successfully advertise your offerings.

“If you decide to just post on social media and ‘see how it goes,’ it is going to be much harder to monetize,” said Jay Zigmont, Ph.D., CFP, founder of Childfree Wealth. “There are many content creators that have a good following that are still struggling to make money off of their presence.”

When it comes to monetizing your social media, it’s important to pick a niche group that you can make an impact on.

“To find a niche, think about what you enjoy and who you want to serve,” Zigmont said. “You want to be THE go-to person for something.”

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Whether you are a barista who enjoys talking about new coffee recipes or a yoga instructor who can teach people how to hold impressive upside-down poses, there is a social media opportunity for you.

Partner With Brands

Creating an aligned partnership with brands that cater to your social media niche and your audience’s interests is a strategic opportunity to market and advertise products. This is a particularly smart avenue for making money off social media, as you have a lot of freedom to create ads for companies in a way that is engaging and viewer-focused.

One successful way that YouTuber Rosanna Pansino collaborates with brands is by incorporating sponsored content within an engaging video that is related to the sponsorship. In the YouTube video “6 EASY Recipes For Mother’s Day …….


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