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7 simple changes to make at home to save big on your energy bills in 2022 – HELLO!

January 26, 2022 – 12:19 GMT

Chloe Best

How to save money on your bills at home – reduce your …….

January 26, 2022 – 12:19 GMT

Chloe Best

Annual energy bills are expected to rise by £2,000 in 2022, meaning saving money is even more of a priority for many of us. But you don’t have to forgo lighting or heating altogether.

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You can easily save hundreds of pounds with some simple changes around your home, from turning off your appliances to buying a new duvet. Yes, really! Read on for seven easy ways to save money at home…

Use a smart meter

Using a smart meter can help you track your spending

Keep track of how much energy you are using by installing a smart meter. These self-reading gas and electricity meters are available through many energy providers and can provide eye-opening data on how much energy you’re using in pounds and pence, so it’s easier to see how much you’re spending.

Turn appliances off standby mode

According to Matthew Currington, Technical Director of The Lighting Superstore, you could save approximately £35 a year simply by turning all appliances off standby mode when they’re not in use. To save even more money, unplug them too, as they can still use energy when they are turned off but plugged in.

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Put your heating on one degree lower

Turning your heating down slightly can reduce your bills significantly

You could save up to ten percent of your heating bill by turning down your thermostat by just one degree. A setting somewhere between 18˚C and 21˚C should be adequate for most families, but keep adjusting your thermostat until you find a temperature you are happy with.

Based on Ofgem reports that the average UK gas bill as of April 2021 was £557, that alone could offer an easy saving of at least £55.

Change your bedding and duvet

Having different weight duvets for different seasons could be a surprisingly cost-effective way to bring your energy bills down in 2022, at minimal effort. Invest in a heavier 13.5 …….


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