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Starting your own small business can have many benefits, from increased flexibility to higher earning potential. However, starting a business can be expensive. Without access to large amounts of capital, it can be difficult to get your business off the ground.

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Fortunately, there are many businesses you can start very cheaply these days thanks to the internet and modern technology. In fact, some of the cheapest small business ideas require little to no money to get started. Here are several to explore.

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Sustainability Consultant

Sustainability consultant is a job that may not have existed even a few years ago. Today, though, with more and more businesses evaluating their environmental footprints, there is a lot of work to be done to help them be more green.

“Eco-friendly solutions are often extremely expensive, even for the biggest companies, and firms of all sizes are seeking expert advice,” says Levon L. Galstyan, a certified public accountant at Oak View Law Group. Galstyan says knowledge and skills are more important than a specialized degree, which would cost thousands.

Tour Guide

Are you personable and live in an area with a thriving tourism industry? If so, being a tour guide might be a natural choice for starting a small business.

Although a business as a tour guide is something you can’t do entirely online, you don’t necessarily need a physical office. As a result, your overhead can remain quite low. If your city is known for something in particular, such as coffee shops or cathedrals, you can specialize in giving tours of those.

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Professional Organizer

Have you ever felt stressed because your home is just not organized, and worse, you just don’t have time to make it more orderly? If so, you aren’t alone. There’s no shortage of people who wish their homes were more organized, but they either don’t know how to organize, or they simply don’t have the time. As a result, you can step in and act as a consultant who organizes people’s homes.

You don’t need much equipment for this one either. Perhaps a vacuum and some cleaning tools, but mostly …….


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