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8 lucrative startup ideas for skilled Africans – Business Insider Africa


According to Travel Trends Today, becoming a destination wedding planner is a lucrative business opportunity. Africans are known for colorful and diverse weddings with rich cultural experiences, but finding a destination planner challenges many.

Weddings are larger-than-life and lavish in Africa, and being a destination wedding planner can take you to exciting places. Solve wedding planning challenges for couples and earn a fortune without leaving the African continent. If you enjoy exploring and have no problem working weekends or longer hours, this startup idea is for you.

According to the Entrepreneur, the specialty travel industry is lucrative with business advantages. Africans skilled in research and communication skills can benefit from this industry. If you enjoy traveling and can communicate in various African languages, consider organizing specialty travels and tours.

You get to travel a lot and meet interesting people. But first, you need a plan and niche tailored for specific groups or persons. For example, consider targeting senior families, music lovers, and solo travelers across the African continent as a startup. Furthermore, organizing travels and tours across the continent will minimize your startup costs.

According to the Entrepreneur, grocery delivery services are quite profitable and you can operate from your home. The process involves contacting local grocery stores to deliver goods to customers. Most stores market and manage deliveries while you get the goods to customers for a fee.

This startup is ideal for Africans, considering the rise of digital stores across the continent. Furthermore, you can create a buyer account with popular stores and resell by offering delivery services at a profit. Besides, the idea of home delivery makes customer retention across the continent very easy.

According to Deskmag, opening co-working spaces is lucrative as many become more profitable after two operating years. Africans can take advantage of the rise in remote work to earn a desirable income. If you can develop a collaborative atmosphere based on trust, you’ll attract customers.

Instead of profit-squeezing members, consider addressing their pain points with an ideal solution. A modern coworking space that solves entrepreneurs’ problems will earn Africans a fortune. Local impact, amenities, …….


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