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8 ways African creative artists can make money online – Business Insider Africa


1: Sell Art Prints Online

According to Oberlo, the global art market is worth over $50 billion, and selling online is a lucrative money-making strategy. People love creative designs and art prints, and showcasing your merchandise offers rewarding opportunities. African creative artists can benefit from the growing industry and earn a desirable income.

For example, Ben Enwonwu, the late Nigerian sculptor and master painter, sold his ‚ÄúChristine ” art for $1.4m. According to BCC, Enwonu sold the painting at an auction in the British capital, London.

You can promote your art by showcasing a gallery and accepting payments globally. Selling print versions of your illustrations, photographs, or drawing is a direct way to make money online. Creative Hub says starting-out artists earn from $40 to $300 from selling prints.

2: Start a Print on Demand Art Brand

According to Adventures with Art, print on demand is a lucrative business model for designers and artists. This business model is favorable to Africans as the continent is home to thousands of creative designers and artists. You can make a sustainable income online without worrying about storage, by simply starting a print-on-demand art brand.

Print on demand allows you to upload illustrations, photographs, and designs to Printbest, Etsy and more. These companies print your artwork on products and offer you a percentage after-sales.

3: Sell Digital Stock Artwork

According to a report by Jamo Images, selling stock artwork online can be very lucrative for creative artists. Graphic designers, illustrators, and artists seeking new income streams should consider selling digital stock artwork. The report further revealed that creators get a commission every time someone downloads the image.

Most creators earn from 15% to 40% depending on the agency, subscription, and more. It’s time for African creative artists to benefit from this money-making market. You can earn from $0.10 to $125 per downloaded stock artwork on Shutterstock, Envato, and more.

4: Work on Freelance Projects

According to Self Employed Artist, taking up freelance projects is a money-making strategy for creative artists. Freelance jobs are a great way to improve your resume and earn globally. Creative African artists can engage in freelance projects to make a desirable income.

Skilled African creative artists should create a profile on job board websites and set their rates. While Freelancer, Fiverr, and Upwork are solid options for African illustrators and artists, Instagram is ideal …….


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