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In a sizzling hot real estate market where the value of homes is soaring, sellers seemingly don’t have to do much to attract buyers. That said, springing for a few upgrades and repairs can help elevate (or at the very least, protect) your home’s value, often delivering a hefty ROI. Additionally, they can help prevent any disturbing surprises during inspections, when even minor issues are majorly exposed.

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While full-on renovations are sometimes in order, calling for a substantial investment of money and time, there are plenty of small-scale refurbishments and revamping that can spruce up the look and worth of a home. Many of these improvements can be DIY-ed, often for not much money when looking at the big picture.    

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint Indoors

“A fresh coat of paint in your home can do wonders for the overall look and value of your home,” said Chevie Publicover, marketing specialist for home service businesses at Siege Digital Marketing. “The amount of work relative to the value that is gained is greater than the costs of any other home services. A new paint job can change the feel of your home when it comes time to sell.”

Publicover estimates that a fresh paint job can be a DIY project spanning three to five days although a professional company can likely cut that time in half. 

“Costs can range from a few hundred dollars as a DIY project, to a few thousand to hire a professional company depending on the size of your home,” Publicover said.  

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Upgrade Bathroom Fixtures

“New shiny bathroom fixtures are always more attractive for future home buyers, even if you don’t spend a fortune on them,” said Sean Chapman, a professional carpenter and the founder of Tools’n’Goods. “A small renovation of fixtures can be a good DIY project for your next weekend and cost you around $150-$200 for the sink faucet and $200-$350 for an average high-quality shower kit. The fresh look of new fixtures will last for over a year and has an average ROI of 80% as home buyers are less likely to negotiate if they like the fresh look of the bathroom.”

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