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A Week In Atlanta, GA, On A $160,000 Salary – Refinery29

Occupation: AttorneyIndustry: LegalAge: 31Location: Atlanta, GASalary: $160,000 + $15,000–$20,000 year-end bonusNet Worth: $133,030 ($16,000 in high-yield savings, $500,000 total home value, $108,000 in a brokerage account, $43,000 i…….

Occupation: Attorney
Industry: Legal
Age: 31
Location: Atlanta, GA
Salary: $160,000 + $15,000–$20,000 year-end bonus
Net Worth: $133,030 ($16,000 in high-yield savings, $500,000 total home value, $108,000 in a brokerage account, $43,000 in my 401(k), $4,000 in checking, $2,000 in my and my fiancé’s joint account minus debt. My fiancé, B., and I have a joint checking account where we direct deposit each of our halves of the mortgage, bills, and recurring payments for shared expenses like Hulu. We contribute equally to the account for these bills, but we take turns throwing more money in the joint account if it dips low. B. receives veteran benefits from the military (about $48,000 a year) and is on the GI bill for school, so on months when he is waiting for payments, he may also use the joint account for things like groceries. He does not have any other income as he is in school full time. We pay for all personal expenses, date nights, etc. from our own checking accounts.)
Debt: $539,970 ($60,770 in student loans, $477,000 mortgage, $2,200 in a 0% interest Affirm loan for furniture)
Paycheck Amount (2x/month): $4,017
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Mortgage: $1,224.50 (For my half of the mortgage of a five-bed, three-bath home that I share with my fiancé, two dogs, and three cats. The total is $2,449. We opted for me to purchase the house on my own because he is still in school, but we split the mortgage equally. His daughter stays with us every other weekend and over the summer. I also currently have a friend renting out our basement, so she can familiarize herself with Atlanta before renting. She also has a cat and dog. She pays $600 a month but will only live here for a few months, so I don’t count this towards income.)
Student Loans: $400 (currently on pause)
Affirm Payment: $98.25 (my half)
Electric: $175 (my half)
Gas: $100 (my half)
Internet: $85 (I pay in full)
Phone Plan: $0 (Still on my mom’s)
Car Insurance: $126.50 (my half)
Disability Insurance: $64.50 (supplemental to that which is provided by work)
Dental Insurance: $17.99
Medical Insurance: $96 (pre-tax from check)
401(k): $838.76 (pre-tax from check)
FSA: $237.50 (pre-tax from check)
ButcherBox: $159
Planet Fitness: $10
Barre3 Unlimited Membership: $140
Hulu & HBO: $50
Security System: $12.50 (my half)
Peloton Membership: $20 (my half)
Netflix: $9 (my half)
Spotify: $15.99 (I pay for a family plan that B. and my mom use)


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