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A Week In Silver Spring, MD, On A $18,024 Salary – Refinery29

Occupation: Library AssistantIndustry: Libraries & MuseumsAge: 23Location: Silver Spring, MDSalary: $18,024 (I work 28 hours a week and go to grad school part-time as well)Net Worth: $1,360 (in a savings account)Debt: $0 (But once …….

Occupation: Library Assistant
Industry: Libraries & Museums
Age: 23
Location: Silver Spring, MD
Salary: $18,024 (I work 28 hours a week and go to grad school part-time as well)
Net Worth: $1,360 (in a savings account)
Debt: $0 (But once I finish grad school next year, I will be ~$13,000 in debt)
Paycheck Amount: $571 (2x/month) plus $360 (1x/month)
Pronouns: She/her

Monthly Expenses
Rent: $1,075 (My half of a two-bedroom, two-bathroom with one roommate. Yes, I know I can’t afford to live here and I plan on moving somewhere cheaper once my current lease is up.)
Internet: $37.95 ($75 split with roommate)
HBO Max: $4.99 (shared with two other friends)
Spotify: $4.99
Phone: $0 (paid for by my father)
Netflix: $0 (paid for by my father)
Hulu, Sling & Disney+: $0 (paid for by my mother)
Health Insurance: $0 (covered through my mother’s job until I turn 26)
Grad School Tuition: $2,844/semester (I essentially depleted my savings to pay for my first two semesters out of pocket and will take out loans for the rest of the program.)


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