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Is recycling aluminum cans really worth the time and effort? It may not be the best way to become a millionaire, but it’s certainly a great way to contribute to a greener lifestyle, and it can help you save each month.

Depending on consumption habits and location, there is an opportunity to earn a few extra bucks by recycling aluminum cans. It can lead to better long-term money habits as well as contribute to the offset of negative environmental consequences.

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Where Can You Sell Aluminum Cans?

A question people may ask is, “Where are the places for aluminum can recycling near me?” Luckily, these locations are fairly common. The places consumers can recycle aluminum cans to earn money include:

  • Local recycling centers 
  • Scrap metal companies
  • Some grocery stores

It’s generally more efficient to collect large amounts of aluminum cans before bringing them for recycling in order to ensure the trip is worthwhile. A good strategy is to have a designated bin at home for aluminum can recycling or a storage area such as the garage where cans will be collected for eventual redemption.

Recycling Centers

This is often the most popular place for consumers to trade in aluminum cans for cash. There are hundreds of recycling centers located across the U.S., so there’s likely to be one a short trip away.

Scrap Metal Companies

Similar to recycling centers, scrap metal companies will almost always accept aluminum cans that are up to standard. Aluminum is one of the most recycled materials in the entire world, so it’s always worthwhile for these businesses to get their hands on more of it.

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Grocery Stores

Many grocery stores will also accept and reward consumers for returning aluminum cans. This can be one of the most efficient ways to recycle and earn from a collected take of cans, as it can often coincide with a trip for groceries anyway.

Good To Know

The iScrap app locates the nearest scrap metal yard to a user’s location. It takes the hassle out of finding where the best-priced location is for trading in cans for cash. This option is best suited for large quantities of cans of a high standard. It is also likely the best option for consumers who don’t want …….


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