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Best carbon steel pans in 2022 – CNN Underscored

Carbon st…….

Carbon steel pans — versatile, durable workhorses that can go from the stovetop to the oven and are easy to care for — are a staple in restaurant kitchens, and they’re more popular than ever for home use. For ambitious home cooks who aspire to achieve results like professional chefs, professional cookware can help (though of course knowledge, technical skills, and experience are vital to cooking restaurant-quality meals).

Over eight weeks, we looked at eight top carbon steel pans for restaurant and home use and sautéed, baked, deep fried, seared and simmered a wide range of dishes to find the best ones for your kitchen.

Best carbon steel pan overall

Heavy construction, a second handle for easy transport from stovetop to oven and a design that’s deep and wide enough to tackle any cooking task make the de Buyer Mineral B our favorite of the carbon steel pans we tested.

Best budget carbon steel pan

The Matfer Bourgeat performs as well as our top pick, and while it doesn’t cost more than bargain restaurant pans it’s built a lot better, with a high quality, nicely welded handle and enough depth to go from searing to deep frying.

$99.95 at Amazon

Made in France, the de Buyer Mineral B was one of the deepest (2.06”), the second widest (12.50”), and also the heaviest (96oz) pan we tested. If you’re looking to cook large proteins, and want thick, heavy metal construction, with a lot of depth (for stir-fries, fried chicken, and other single-pan dishes), the de Buyer is absolutely the pan you want to get. This is a multitasker that can be used to cook just about any meal on your stove or in your oven you can think of, and it is worth every penny — it will become your main kitchen workhorse.

We love that this pan has two handles – one main, smooth long handle (which …….


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