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Make your home look like a million bucks by only throwing down a couple hundred. You can do so with some tips that align with the idea of “budget-luxury” fix-ups.

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Born out of the TikTok community, hashtags for #budgetluxury and #cheapestthing showcase how to look like you have a lot of money with any level of income.

There are tips for buying the least expensive items from designer brands to look like they’re part of your go-to style, and ideas for how to spruce up your home without investing a ton of funds. The latter is an especially ideal practice if you have rental properties or Airbnbs you want to make look more appealing.

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Insider talked to one pro, Clare McLaughlin, who is a hugely successful TikTok star with 1.1 million followers and more than 25 million likes on her videos covering the budget-luxury trend. And she has the knowledge for it, too, having earned a master of fine arts degree in interior design and living in the luxury capital of the U.S. — New York City.

As she told Insider, the key is “being resourceful with your current living situation, and shopping on a budget for little upgrades that will make your home feel more expensive.”

One of her biggest tips is a surprising one — trying to show off with luxury knockoffs actually defeats the purpose. Budget pieces that have a faux luxury look, such as inexpensive linens with fancy lettering — what McLauglin calls “luxury signaling” — will come off as tacky. Instead, stick with basic designs that are made well.

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Another big tip: Don’t buy anything that matches. Furniture in coordinating sets for the living room or bedroom will come off looking like a “furniture showroom,” she says. Instead, find one-of-a-kind pieces, antiques (which, she says, usually have better craftsmanship) and mix and match in a compatible way. Thrifting will also help with the budget part of the budget-luxury look.

Homes and Gardens says thrifting also helps you find unique furniture pieces with character, which is an important tip for making your home look expensive for less. H&G suggests going for wooden pieces and those with texture.

It also notes to not forget about small details like hiding …….


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