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Telecommuting comes with the benefits of flexibility, time and money saved on a commute never taken, and, of course, the ease and comfort of working from your own home — or wherever you happen to be.

But all that comes with the tradeoff of lower pay, right?

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Maybe in the past, but GOBankingRates spoke to hiring and staffing professionals who say that’s simply not the case in the post-COVID world. In fact, some of the highest-paying positions — sometimes including executive-level work — are now more and more likely to be done at home than in the office, and all without any reduction in pay.

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Can you make good money working remotely?

For the Right Remote Candidates, the Money Is Definitely There

For the professionals who match promising candidates with the companies that are eager to hire top talent, the question of whether the right remote applicant can command top dollar has long been answered.

“Absolutely, the average person can make good money working remotely,” said Angelica Rains, founder and CEO of Groupe Insearch, a top recruiting office for Sanford Rose Associates, one of the leading recruiting firms in the U.S. “In fact, many of the highest-paid roles are remote. Offering remote work allows employers to extend their reach for top talent beyond their office location. There is obviously value to being in person. However, we live in a time where remote work not only gives flexibility but is often more productive and efficient.”

Both the Lower Ranks and the Brass Are Migrating to the Home Office

Eric Fielder runs Blue Ocean Hire, which is also a leading office for Sanford Rose Associates. He has seen firsthand how the last two years have shifted many of the highest-paying jobs from the boardroom to the bedroom.

“The majority of the roles we hire — 90% — are all work-from-home/remote, with tremendous packages, flexibility and upside,” he said.

It’s not just the rank-and-file cashing in from home, either.

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“C-level executives are also working from home on more common occasions,” Fielder said. “From COVID to now, the likelihood of people making strong wages has increased tremendously. The only potential limitation to working remotely we see is the ability for a long-term …….


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