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Eager for Earth Day? Simply Look Around Your Home to Help the Environment – Hillsborough County

Posted April 12, 2022 | 1:32 PM

Hillsborough Development Services offers Earth-friendly tips, lifestyle changes to live greener

Posted April 12, 2022 | 1:32 PM

Hillsborough Development Services offers Earth-friendly tips, lifestyle changes to live greener

With spring in full swing, Hillsborough County Development Services has helpful information for County residents to ensure properties are not only up to local codes, but also Earth-friendly!

Tree planting and pruning

Spring is a great time to prune or plant trees in order to spruce up homes in an environmentally friendly way. Whether planting trees to satisfy the street tree or shade tree property requirements, ensure trees are from the County-approved lists. Development Services also has a guide on responsible pruning techniques. Still unsure of how to care for trees? A certified arborist is a great resource.
Due to their prominence and importance to the local ecosystem, Grand Oaks are subject to more extensive regulations. Suspect that a tree is being illegally removed? Report the potential violation to Natural Resources staff.

Solar panels

Florida is called the Sunshine State for good reason! Many homeowners look to take advantage of the abundance of sunlight by installing solar panels. Solar panels are a great way to power a home using green energy. Solar panel installation will require a permit. A solar contractor can apply for one on the HillsGovhub portal.

Water conservation

When remodeling or building a new home, rebates may be available if the products used help to conserve water. Tampa Bay Water Wise can assist with additional information and applications.Not building or remodeling a home? There are several resources available to help residents conserve water and potentially save money.

Wetland conservation

Hillsborough County is home to many unique biospheres, especially the amazing wetlands. All development activity in Hillsborough County is regulated to help preserve the integrity of the delicate wetlands. Any project with the potential to affect a wetland area will also be subject to a review by the Environmental Protection Commission (EPC).  
Everyone has a role in protecting these valuable ecosystems. If a potential violation of wetland conservation area is suspected, please report it to the EPC.

Hillsborough County values the unique and vital ecosystems that make the county such a popular place to live and visit. Together, everyone can help preserve the region’s treasured natural resources for generations to come.


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