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How I sustainably renovated my house and saved money too – ABC News

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Shortly after buying a run-down, 101-year-old bungalow in Tarntanya (Adelaide) last year, the questions started.

“You’ll be putting in a new kitchen, yeah?”

“When will you rip out and replace the bathroom?”

“You have so much space out the back here; will you build an extension?”

My little 87-square-metre house, with its giant cracks and stained carpets, was certainly no palace. But in this age of climate change, I couldn’t go for a “flip it” style renovation.

After all, I’d lived in this house as a renter for years before buying and knew the place had good bones. The fixtures and fittings weren’t flashy but were perfectly functional — why pull them out, just because?

So, I chose to be largely content with what already is within my house — and invested in smaller and more sustainable changes instead.

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Taking up the carpet in favour of hard wood floors  

My main priority for renovating was creating a home that’s healthier for me to live in, while reducing its reliance on fossil fuels for necessities such as heating and cooling.

As a renter, I’d always loathed the carpet coating much of the house — it was grotty and made of synthetic materials.

Then I stumbled upon a recent study, which found Aussies are inhaling microplastics at home. Having hard wood floors (along with vacuuming regularly) was one suggestion to minimise exposure.

Knowing this made my first step clear: I wanted to take out the carpet and vinyl flooring. (Some I was able to repurpose through my local Buy Nothing group.)

Underneath, I found beautiful century-old pine floorboards. Score!

After learning more about floor coatings from the same study, I did a heap of research and found a modified plant-based oil to coat my floorboards. Then it was time to move on to some other fixes.

Floor boards were found beneath the existing vinyl flooring in the kitchen.<…….


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