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There was a time just a few short years ago when remote jobs that paid big money were few and far between. The pandemic changed all that, and today, employees are commanding high salaries from wherever they happen to be — but only if they’re the right employees searching for the right jobs in the right way.

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If you’re ready to take the leap to telecommuting, but you won’t settle for anything less than a high-paying position, you’ll have to make some adjustments to the job-hunting tactics you remember from the last time you were on the professional prowl.

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Here’s what you need to know.

Change Your Hunting Grounds, and Consider Paying To Play

Antoine Boquen, CEO and co-founder of HR management software provider Horizons, thinks that step No. 1 to landing a good remote job is to reconsider where you’re looking.

Monster, Indeed, LinkedIn and the other typical job-hunting sites might include posts for remote positions, but that’s not their bread and butter. FlexJobs, on the other hand, specializes in work-from-anywhere jobs.

“This website provides full-time, part-time, and employment that is ideal for launching a freelance business,” said Boquen.

Many sites charge employers to list positions but allow job-seekers to look for jobs for free. FlexJobs, on the other hand, charges job hunters $9.95 per week, although the price drops for one-month, three-month or one-year subscriptions.

Before you let that cover charge dissuade you, consider what that investment buys.

“I know a few individuals who have found employment through FlexJobs,” Boquen said. “In addition to the subscription service, they offer a large number of free tools to remote job seekers.”

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FlexJobs is good, but it isn’t the only game in town.

“JustRemote has developed a robust remote job search platform to help you find fully or partially remote positions across a wide range of functionalities, such as design, development, writing, customer service, business, editing, marketing, HR, project management, recruiting, sales, SEO, and more,” said Adam Wood, co-founder of RevenueGeeks.

Here, too, you have to pay to join — $6 per month to get started — but just like with FlexJobs, it could be money well spent. “If you’re in a serious job …….


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