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ll put the words out of my head–I swear I will. Only cure me, and

Again, those terribly dull evenings in some unknown town Do you…….

ll put the words out of my head–I swear I will. Only cure me, and

Again, those terribly dull evenings in some unknown town Do you know anything more wretched than the approach of dusk on such an occasion? One goes about as if almost in a dream, looking at faces that one never has seen before and never will see againlistening to people talking about matters which are quite indifferent to you in a language that perhaps you do not understand. You have a terrible feeling, almost as if you were lost, and you continue to walk on so as not to be obliged to return to the hotel, where you would feel more lost still because you are at home, in a home which belongs to anyone who can pay for itand at last you sink into a chair of some well-lighted cafe, whose gilding and lights oppress you a thousand times more than the shadows in the streets. Then you feel so abominably lonely sitting in front of the glass of flat bock beer that a kind of madness seizes you, the longing to go somewhere or other, no matter where, as long as you need not remain in front of that marble table amid those dazzling lights.

flightsat which they laughed not a littleand at which Sancho would have been no lesout of countenance had not himaster once more assured him it waall enchantment. For all that hisimplicity never reached so high a pitch that he could persuade himself it wanot the plain and simple truthwithout any deception whatever about itthat he had been blanketed by beingof flesh and bloodand not by visionary and imaginary phantomsahimaster believed and protested.The illustrioucompany had now been two dayin the inn; and ait seemed to them time to departthey devised a plan so thatwithout giving Dorothea and Don Fernando the trouble of going back with Don Quixote to hivillage under pretence of restoring Queen Micomiconathe curate and the barber might carry him away with them athey proposedand the curate be able to take himadnesin hand at home; and in pursuance of their plan they arranged with the owner of an oxcart who happened to be passing that way to carry him after thifashion. They constructed a kind of cage with wooden barslarge enough to hold Don Quixote comfortably; and then Don Fernando and hicompanionsthe servantof Don Luisand the officerof the Brotherhoodtogether with the landlordby the directionand advice of the curatecovered their faceand disguised themselvessome in one waysome in anotherso ato appear to Don Quixote quite different from the personhe had seen in the castle. Thidonein profound silence they entered the room where he waasleeptaking hihirest after the past fraysand advancing …….


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