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You see entertaining in your future — inviting friends and family over for a game night, to watch the big game or maybe to gather around the bar and share stories.

You’ve got the games. You’ve got the TV. What you don’t have is the bar.

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When you think of a bar, you probably picture something like any TGI Friday’s: a big room with a long plank of wood with barstools on one side, a bartender on the other standing in front of shelves full of spirits.

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But chances are you don’t have the space in your home to devote to such an elaborate setup — or a big budget to build one. If the only spot you can spare is a corner of the living room, don’t let that stop you. Even with a small space and a small budget, only your creativity can limit how you set up a bar.

Read on for a couple of easy and inexpensive bar ideas.

The Old Furniture Bar

If you have enough room for an old piece of furniture — maybe a TV cabinet or an armoire — there’s the start of your bar. Measure your space, then search thrift stores or antique stores or online marketplaces for an old cabinet that will fit. You’re bound to find something that will do.

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Say you find a TV cabinet that has a main compartment with shelves or drawers below. There are a variety of ways you can use this space, starting with the top half that used to hold a TV.

Before filling it up, rehab the cabinet to fit the décor and vibe of your room. You can paint or stain the outside to match your furniture, but then on the inside, use a party color to brighten the space and cover the back wall with glass squares, fabric or wallpaper to give it a festive touch.

When you build the bar, attach racks to the top to hang your wine glasses. Fill the shelf on the left side of the compartment with your chosen …….


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