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Maybe you’ve grown tired of spending $100 or so a month on your gym membership, carving time into your day to get to the gym or asking Grandma to come stay with the kids while you work out. You’re thinking it’s not worth the expense and trouble anymore.

That’s fine. Quit the gym. But that doesn’t mean you need to quit your fitness routine.

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Instead, create your own workout space at home. GOBankingRates asked fitness experts to weigh in on the basics you’ll need to get started on your own home gym, and they provided suggestions that won’t take up a ton of space in your home or break your budget.

There are ways to reduce the cost of having a home gym,” said Secoy Reeves, a certified personal trainer who owns 2nd Chance Fitness in the Nashville, Tennessee, area. “One option is to buy used equipment. You can often find good quality used equipment on Craigslist or other online marketplaces.”

Here are other steps you should take in putting together your home gym on a budget.

The First Pieces

To Paul Vincent, the CEO of Altus Health in Southern California, a home gym doesn’t need to include big, expensive machines. In fact, an investment of less than $150 can get you started on the road to fitness with his plan.

“You really don’t need a lot to get in a great workout at home. When working with my clients, including Hollywood A-listers, I like to focus on human movement patterns and bodyweight exercises,” he said. “This ensures that they are moving their body well.”

Vincent said he’d advise these three basics for your home gym. Combined, they’ll cost less than $125.

1. A foam roller: “Stretching and working out any problem areas is very important before you start your workout. I always have my clients take about 10 minutes at the start of a session and the end to stretch and make sure their muscles have been warmed up and cooled down appropriately.”

Cost: less than $30.

2. Resistance bands: “Be sure to get a good quality set as lots can break after some use and so you end up paying out again. Get a set that has varying levels of resistance so that as you improve you can switch out the band you’re using. And so that you can use them to focus on different body parts; arms, legs. …….


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