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Is your home or office the key to solving the climate crisis? Experts say yes Pipa News – PiPa News

Exhaust pipes. chimneys. Farming cows.

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Exhaust pipes. chimneys. Farming cows.

These are the things most Canadians associate with global warming.

But buildings? Not so much – although the homes, offices and shopping centers where we spend so much time produce huge amounts of pollution from oil or natural gas burned to power boilers, boilers and furnaces.

In fact, buildings are Canada’s third largest source of emissions, after transportation (cars and trucks) and the oil and gas sector.

In 2020, all buildings in Canada combined (including homes) produced 87.8 megatons of carbon dioxide. That’s the equivalent of about 19 million gasoline cars driven for a year, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas calculator.

The main emission sources in Canada. In 2020, buildings produced a total of 87.8 megatons of carbon pollution. That’s the equivalent of 19 million gas-powered cars on the road for a year, according to the US Environmental Protection Agency’s greenhouse gas emissions calculator.

“Buildings,” says Doug Smith, director of sustainability for the City of Vancouver, “are a huge source of emissions,” but he adds, “people don’t know much about them.”

The city, one of the most progressive cities in North America when it comes to climate action, aims to lead the way by removing buildings completely from energy sources that rely on burning fossil fuels. There are undoubtedly costs, but Vancouver makes it clear that there are also huge economic benefits.

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“There’s a huge economic opportunity here,” says Micah Lang, a green building planner for the city of Vancouver, pointing to an estimated $8 billion windfall in modifying the existing building stock over the next two decades.

“So this is an opportunity, not just for a building owner or a homeowner to improve the comfort of their home, but for merchants, for contractors, for technical consultants…there is …….


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