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Mom’s Meals Delivers Food to Older Adults — Could This Program Save You Time and Money? – GOBankingRates

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Mom’s Meals was founded in 1999 to deliver healthy, microwaveable prepared meals to older adults, people in long-term home care, and others who can benefit from the convenience of affordable heat-and-eat meals.

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Who Can Receive Mom’s Meals Free?

If you are a Medicare or Medicaid recipient, you may qualify to receive the meals free of charge. Eligibility may vary according to the state and the program, according to

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“We work with over 500 health plans, managed care organizations, government programs and agencies to provide access to meals for people covered under Medicaid or a Medicare Advantage plan,” said a Mom’s Meals spokesperson in an exclusive email interview with GOBankingRates.

The spokesperson outlined three situations where people may qualify to receive meals through their Medicaid or Medicare Advantage health insurance plan. Qualified participants include people:  

  • Receiving temporary or long-term home care services.
  • On a plan that offers home-delivered meals post-discharge from a hospital or skilled nursing facility.
  • On a program with their health insurance plan to manage their chronic health condition.

If you are currently receiving Medicare or Medicaid, you should contact your plan to see if you qualify to receive Mom’s Meals free of charge, said the spokesperson.

According to the Mom’s Meals website, if you collect Social Security Disability Insurance, you may also qualify. You should reach out to your case manager at the Social Security Administration (SSA) to see if you qualify. If you don’t have one, the SSA can assign one to you.

The local Area Agency on Aging (AAA) can also help you see if you qualify for free meals, according to

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“If someone believes they qualify for meals, they must contact their health insurance plan or case manager. Their health insurance plan or case manager will go through their process to qualify and authorize meals. Only the health plan or case manager can send Mom’s Meals the authorization to provide meals and initiate the process for us to get meals to their client,” the spokesperson emphasized.

What If You Don’t Qualify for Free Meals?

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