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My Pool Costs Me $1050 per Year. Here’s Why It’s Still Worth It – The Motley Fool

Image source: Getty Images

Is a pool really worth the price?


Image source: Getty Images

Is a pool really worth the price?

Key points

  • Several years ago, I put in an inground swimming pool at my house.
  • My pool costs me money each year for added electricity, chemicals, and opening and closing.
  • I’m still glad I put in the pool even though it has substantial ongoing costs. 

Several years ago, I had an inground swimming pool installed at my home. I saved up to pay cash for the pool, so I didn’t have to explore different methods of financing the installation of a pool. 

However, while I don’t have payments to make on a pool loan or a renovation loan, that doesn’t mean my pool doesn’t come at a cost. In fact, I’ve added up the amount I spend keeping it operational and I’ve estimated the annual cost is around $1,050 per year. This includes opening and closing the pool; added electricity and propane for operating the pool equipment and heating the pool; and the cost of chemicals. 

Obviously, that means my pool is a huge expense. But, there are a few reasons why I believe the pool is worth the price. 

My pool has made me enjoy my home more

Although my pool costs me a lot of money, it also brings me a lot of pleasure as well. 

I enjoy looking at my pool since it has a very pretty design that completed my backyard. I’ve also spent endless hours swimming in the pool and entertaining around it.

The area where my pool was located wasn’t usable space before — it was a hilly area with a bunch of weeds. But now it’s a spot where we spend tons of time. The annual cost of the pool is well worth the extra enjoyment I get, as the pool essentially expands the usable square footage of my home and allows me to feel like I’m stepping into a vacation retreat whenever I go outdoors.

We can spend time at the pool instead of paying for other activities 

My pool was also worth the money because my family spends time there instead of having to pay for other activities to do.

Last summer, my son and I went swimming almost every day. I plan to do the same with my son and my new daughter this year. Since we can enjoy the …….


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