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Nadeshot responds to Froste’s 100 Thieves “predatory” accusations – Dexerto

Nadeshot has responded to ‘The Mob’ member Froste who called 100 Thieves a “predatory organization” in a series of tweets…….

Nadeshot has responded to ‘The Mob’ member Froste who called 100 Thieves a “predatory organization” in a series of tweets about his experiences.

100 Thieves announced its signing of ‘The Mob’ in June 2019, which brought Froste, Classify, Mako, and Avalanche together in a content house based in Los Angeles. They quickly became one of the organization’s most popular friend groups.

However, they would announce their split in January 2021 after Mako decided to leave the organization to go back to his family just a few weeks earlier.

Now, Nadeshot has addressed Froste’s claims about what went wrong and provided his perspective on how The Mob’s time with his organization unfolded.

Nadeshot responds to Froste’s accusations about 100 Thieves

On August 29, Froste tweeted that he missed The Mob house and claimed that the popular content group were so “broke” that they couldn’t afford to do anything “worth filming.”

A user replied to Froste mentioning that they should have proposed ideas to 100T to ask for funding, to which the former org member claimed that they did.

“You have no idea how much we asked, it got to a point where it was almost pathetic,” he explained. “but go ahead man, blame the 20-year-old kids that had no idea what they were doing instead of the 100+ million-dollar predatory organization lol.”

Twitter: Froste

Of course, Nadeshot believes that things went very differently from how the young creator detailed on Twitter.

In a stream the same day, the 100T owner insisted that the organization worked with the members of The Mob to make things work, including helping them find a house that they could afford on their allotted salaries, but that ultimately the relationship was severed due to different expectations on each side.

“The fact …….


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