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Selling old stuff is an attractive idea for a lot of people because it serves two great functions: It gets things out of your house, and it earns you money: Win-win!

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According to the Mercari Reuse Report, American households are sitting on an estimated $391 in kids’ toys and clothes alone that could easily be re-sold. But you might also have vintage furniture, old machine parts or appliances that are still in good shape, old cars, clothing, household goods — you name it.

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In an age of online marketplaces, it seems like selling your stuff should be both easy and lucrative, but it really depends on how you go about it. Here, experts offer strategies for maximizing your earning potential when you sell your old stuff.

Timing Is Key

Selling your stuff is all about timing, according to Dan Kroytor, the founder of TailoredPay, a leading merchant account provider. “Getting the max amount of money from selling your things depends highly on what time of year it is. For example, early fall is when moving season is almost over, so furniture and household items sell really well during this time. Conversely, during the spring, dresses, suits and nice clothes for summer events like weddings are in high demand. To get the most out of your old things, be intentional about exactly when you’re selling them.” 

Find Your Niche

Trying to randomly sell items in a scattershot approach might not get you very far. Instead, see if you can find a niche (or several) for what you’re selling. Daniel Morris, with is in the chainsaw niche–(you probably didn’t even know there was such a niche!).

He said, “To make the most money when selling your old stuff, get your old stuff in front of the people who want it.”

In his case, Stihl brand chainsaws are extremely popular and highly collectible, so he looks specifically for Stihl chainsaw fan Facebook groups [x] or other similar groups that are looking for these items.

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“Posting your old stuff for sale in groups focused on that old stuff is almost always bound to make you the most money. You can often even leave links to your eBay listing,” …….


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