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Should You List Your Home This Spring? 3 Pros and Cons – The Motley Fool

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Is selling this spring a smart move? Here’s what you need to k…….

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Is selling this spring a smart move? Here’s what you need to know.

Key points

  • Spring is generally a popular time to sell a home.
  • Buyer demand and mortgage rates are in a good place for sellers right now.
  • There could be more competition from other eager sellers.

If you’ve been wanting to sell your home but have held off due to pandemic-related or economic concerns, it may be time to move forward. While the pandemic clearly isn’t over, health experts seem optimistic we’re getting to a place where we can coexist with COVID-19. And while inflation may be hurting a lot of people financially, the U.S. economy is in good shape from an unemployment standpoint.

But is it smart to gear up to list your home in the spring? Though spring is a popular time for home listings, there are benefits and drawbacks to going this route. Here are a few to consider.

Pro No. 1: Buyer demand is strong

There’s been a shortage of housing inventory for well over a year now, and that’s made buyers even more desperate to scoop up properties once they hit the real estate market. If you list your home this spring, you may find that buyers are quick to bite — and offer you a decent sum of money for your home.

Pro No. 2: Mortgage rates are still competitive

Although mortgage rates are higher right now than they were at any point in 2021, they’re still pretty attractive from a historical perspective. But we don’t know whether rates will climb in the course of the year. And buyers may be eager to sign mortgages in the near term, before rates potentially go higher.

Pro No. 3: It’s a good time to show off curb appeal

If you’ve put a lot of effort into landscaping and other exterior features, spring is a great time to highlight that. The better a first impression you make on prospective buyers, the more likely you’ll be to not only get a quick offer on your home, but a generous one.

Con No. 1: You may see more competition

Since spring is such a popular time to list a home, you may face more local competition. Granted, that may not be a …….


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