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Tempo Move is a home gym for less than $400 — and we got to try it – CNN


There’s a bevy of at-home fitness brands all trying to take your money — including Peloton and Mirror — and the cost to get the hardware and access to classes isn’t cheap. Tempo wants to make that experience a bit more attainable with a sub-$400 piece of hardware that works with your iPhone.

The company just took the wraps off of the $395 Tempo Move, a nightstand-looking cabinet with many weights and barbells inside. It connects to your TV to display your workout, while your iPhone monitors your form and pace during the exercise. It’s a neat concept and essentially miniaturizes the cost and size of the Studio — Tempo’s first product that takes up a lot more space and costs a lot more at $2,195.

We got to spend about an hour with Tempo Move, and it’s certainly a unique offering. We’ll need to spend more time with it to render a final verdict, but we’re impressed by the way it makes use of a device you already have while considerably cutting down the cost of a dedicated at-home fitness setup.

The Move is available now for preorder from Tempo and Best Buy, and it will begin to ship in early December. Tempo is selling the Move for an introductory price of $395, though the cost will eventually go up to $495.

Jacob Krol/CNN

The main goal with Tempo Move is to shrink down the Tempo Studio experience. For over $2,000, the Studio gives you a 43-inch screen baked into an aluminum housing that holds weights, barbells and a computer. On the front, you have sensors to track you while you’re working out. The advantage is that it can monitor your workout to give you a personal training-like experience — telling you if your form is correct, what your pace is and what corrections to make along the way.

Tempo Studio is massive, though, and super expensive. For $395, Tempo Move is a smaller plug-and-play solution. …….


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