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From reusing tea bags to collecting plastic cups at sports mat…….

Image source: Getty Images

From reusing tea bags to collecting plastic cups at sports matches, people have some imaginative ways to cut costs.

Key points

  • Drink water to reduce hunger-induced impulse buys and be sure to match your orphan socks.
  • Reuse gift wrap, soap, candle ends, and get new life from sprouting vegetables.
  • Adopting frugal habits can save money, but some people take it to extremes.

Spiraling living costs are taking their toll on millions of Americans. Indeed, 1 in 6 are behind on their utility bills, and millions are carrying significant credit card debt. If you’re looking for ways to shave a few dollars of your bills, we’ve collected some of the wackiest and most bizarre ideas around saving.

5 bizarre ways to save money

1. Drink a liter of water before you go out

Not only is drinking water good for your health, it can be good for your bank balance too. Avoid hunger pangs while grocery shopping by filling up on a couple of glasses of water before you head out. Cash back apps may also help you earn rewards on your grocery shopping too.

If you’re eating out, drinking water or eating bread beforehand can also reduce your consumption — though it may take some of the fun out of the meal. Always take leftovers home in a doggy bag. On that note, my Dad has been known to ask other restaurant diners for their leftovers. It doesn’t only happen on Seinfeld. Also, several people advocate taking restaurant mayo and ketchup packets home with them, but I’m not sure if that’s money saving or stealing. 

2. Avoid a sock orphanage

Missing socks are one of the great mysteries of laundry and daily life. But the loss of a single sock doesn’t have to leave you wearing mismatched items. Buy several pairs of identical socks so you’ll always have a pair. If you lose or damage one, it won’t be so hard to find a match. 

Don’t throw away old socks. Use them as dusters or cleaning rags, or if you’re a budding Martha Stewart, have a go at fixing the holes. Darning is beyond my patience, but I also use old socks to protect the floor when moving furniture — they fit nicely on the legs of our heavy sofa. Socks aside, if you haven’t tried shopping in a secondhand store, you may find it’s a …….


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