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The Most Common Places To Find Gold and Other Hidden Valuables in Old Homes – GOBankingRates

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While buying an old home comes with some downsides, there may be an unexpected bounty waiting for the diligent homeowner — gold and other valuables are sometimes hidden and then forgotten in various nooks and crannies. That’s right, according to, it’s not uncommon for people to leave behind valuables due to illness, death or simple forgetfulness.

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Keep in mind that the older the home, the less likely people had the kinds of storage that most of us take for granted today, said Jeff Johnson, a real estate agent and acquisition manager of How To Sell House Fast.

“There was little to no concept of storing valuables in safes or banks a couple hundred years ago. So, the only place where individuals could store items was a discreet area in their home,” he said.

With that in mind, let’s take a look at some of the most common places to check for treasure in your old home.

Behind Loose Bricks

Johnson said, “Stashing gold, or other expensive items behind loose bricks around the fireplace was common in olden days.” So, it shouldn’t be too surprising to find some hidden treasure behind a brick wall in your home. He recommends you tap on the walls; a hollow sound may mean that there’s something behind it waiting to be found.

Under Floorboards

Another common place to hide valuables is under floorboards, Johnson said. “Sometimes, people even had a door under the floorboards that led to a secret basement. So, you can search for crowbar scars or other signs that may indicate the floorboards were pried open previously.”

Additionally, small valuables could have slipped accidentally between floorboards, according to Leonard Ang, the CEO of iPropertyManagement.

“Rings, earrings, cufflinks, and pendants on slim chains are all the kinds of things that could slip through the cracks in a floorboard, bounce down a staircase into some obscure corner, or slip right into a heat vent. The big advantage of searching in this way is that it avoids the obvious.”

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Toilet Tanks

Check for hidden valuables in the tanks of toilet seats, said Tim Schroeder, licensed realtor and owner of Agent Marketing Essentials. “They are a perfect spot to find something in old homes because people could keep an eye on it.”  

Basement Walls

Another place people tend to hide …….


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