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Don’t miss these top money and investing features:

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I gave a talk about bitcoin at my dad’s Rotary Club, and these are the questions people had

Does bitcoin’s value affect the dollar? Can it be used as a bartering tool? Does it provide the same function as the dollar, gold and, centuries ago, salt? Read More

Should I buy a bitcoin ETF? Here’s what some pros say you should consider

Is buying a bitcoin ETF worth it — especially one that is futures linked? Read More

David Tepper shuns stock market: ‘Sometimes there’s times not to lose money’

David Tepper, billionaire investor and one of the world’s top hedge-fund managers, isn’t a fan of the stock market right now. Read More

‘FOMO’ has made lots of money for stock investors but now ‘YARO’ is the market move

The ‘Yet Another Reopening Trade’ (YARO) focuses on quality companies and avoids frothy technology and ‘innovation’ stocks. Read More

JPMorgan portfolio manager adds S&P 500 exposure. Here’s why he’s bullish

The bulls have room to run in the U.S. stock market, according to Phil Camporeale, a portfolio manager for the global allocation strategy at JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s asset management unit. Read More

This key stock-market indicator has switched to a ‘buy’ signal

Also, an aggressive strategy to trade the top of what might be a trading range for the S&P 500. Read More

How a change to a crucial piece of stock-market ‘plumbing’ could help all investors

Momentum builds for speeding up the settlement process after the meme-stock fiasco Read More

Don’t settle for measly yields — grow your income with this ‘dividend compounding’ strategy

Home Depot, Lowe’s, Microsoft and other stocks beat the S&P 500’s 10-year return while their dividend payouts increased rapidly. Read More

Don’t dismiss what ultra-low dividend yields are telling us: We’re in for puny returns in the stock market

The once-closely-followed indicator still has great predictive power. Read More

Investor who almost doubled the return of her index says these three midcap stocks are ripe for the economic recovery

Amy Zhang, manager of the Alger Mid-Cap Focus Fund, says the asset class represents the ‘best of both worlds.’ Read More

Here’s why Facebook changing its name could boost its stock

Shares of companies facing negative publicity …….


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