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Many women turn to side hustles as a way to bring in extra income, and sometimes, these side hustles take off in a way that they never anticipated.

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GOBankingRates spoke to women who got rich through their side hustles about how they did it and their best advice for women who want to start a successful side hustle of their own.

Jenna Carson, Partner at

Jenna Carson started the finance and investment resource as a way to make an income that wasn’t reliant on anyone else.

“I was inspired by the lack of women in the financial space and a strong desire to make myself financially independent,” she said. “Despite having had other businesses in the past, I had always relied on someone else to support my income stream. I wanted to change that — I wanted to be free!”

Carson started monetizing her side gig within weeks, but it took about 12 months before it took off and started bringing in substantial income.

“It was a busy 12 months, where the side hustle took up almost as much time as my other full-time work,” she said.

Carson eventually quit her full-time job to focus on growing her company.

“I work full time on it now and employ staff,” she said. “I knew it was time to make the leap as soon as my projected income stream for my side hustle was more than from all my other work combined.”

Carson believes that more women should take a chance and start a side hustle of their own.

“Society tells women that starting a side hustle is hard or impossible, but only each individual knows what they are capable of,” she said. “Look inside yourself, and if the energy and fire are there, get started!”

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Dandan Zhu, Real Estate Investor

Dandan Zhu’s side hustle as a real estate investor and Airbnb operator allowed her to quit her corporate job at age 28 with a “humongous cushion” to experiment and develop as an entrepreneur.

“When I was 25, I had a great career as a headhunter,” she said. “Since I was a top biller, I was making over $215,000.”

At the same time, she got started in her real estate side hustle by “house hacking.”

“I learned how to sublet and manage tenants every single day because I lived with them,” Zhu said. “Because …….


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