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It might be time to monetize your kitchen skills. If you’re constantly asked to bring baked goods or certain dishes to gatherings, because they’re delicious, take this as your cue.

Everyone isn’t great in the kitchen, but you clearly have talent. Assuming you enjoy baking and/or cooking and have some free time on your hands, your skills could be lucrative.

Getting started will take some work, but it might not be as daunting as you imagine. Here are 10 tips to help launch a business in your very own kitchen.

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Get Legit

“Embarking on a home-based baking or cooking venture entails considering several steps,” said Jack Hazan, founder, author, baker and licensed psychotherapist at JackBakes. “Firstly, ensuring legal compliance and acquiring necessary licenses set the groundwork, encompassing permits, health inspections and adherence to food safety protocols to build trust with customers.

Jessica Robinson, a two-time cookbook author, recipe developer and food blogger at A Farmgirl’s Kitchen, said rules regarding home-based baking and cooking businesses vary by state and local area.

“Some states allow you to have an in-home bakery or inspected kitchen, while others require it be located in a separate building other than your home,” she said.

For example, in North Carolina where she’s based, she said you’re allowed to use your home kitchen for baking and canning, as long as you don’t have animals in the house.

“The kitchen is inspected by the Department of Agriculture and you are only allowed to sell baked goods that do not require refrigeration,” she said. “Though, you can get additional licensing for those items with further inspections and setup.”

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Research and Plan

“Conduct thorough market research to understand the demand for baked goods in your area,” said Ashley Jonique, owner and chef at Chef Ashley Jonique, LLC. “Identify your target market, competition, pricing strategies and unique selling points.”

She said you’ll need to create a solid business plan that outlines your goals, budget, marketing strategies and growth projections.

“Develop a strong brand identity that reflects the quality and uniqueness of your baked goods,” she said. “Create a memorable business name, logo and packaging design that resonates with your target audience.”

Set Pricing

“Determining pricing strategy involves meticulous evaluation of ingredient costs, labor, packaging and overheads, juxtaposed with competitor analysis to ensure competitive yet sustainable pricing structures,” Hazan said. “Assessing earning potential underscores variability influenced by pricing strategies, sales volume, operational costs and market demand, with nascent profitability maturing over time with brand establishment and customer loyalty.”

He said establishing pricing parameters centers on meticulous cost analysis and competitor benchmarking, augmented by tailored pricing tiers and catering options.

Robinson, who was also a contestant on “The Greatest Baker” in 2023 also recommended checking out your competition.

“Pricing would be determined by checking out local bakeries, micro bakeries or coffee shops to see what they are charging for similar items,” she said. “This will give you an idea of what the market will bear.”

Find Places To Sell

“Places to sell your baked goods are farmers markets, local coffee shops — wholesale — and micro bakery porch pickups,” Robinson said. “A baker would set up a website or announce on social media when customers can pick up their baked goods.”

She said items are usually prepaid, with pickup once a week, later in the week.

“Many sourdough bakers are doing this and have a very profitable income for only two-to-three days of work,” she said. Those days of work, however, are 10-14 hour days of baking if you have a large customer base,” she said.

Market Your Goods

“Utilize a mix of online and offline marketing strategies to promote your home-based baking business,” Jonique said. “This may include word-of-mouth referrals, partnering with local businesses, attending food fairs and farmers markets, running targeted online ads and collaborating with influencers or food bloggers.”

She said you’ll also want to make purchasing easy for customers.

“Provide convenient delivery and pickup options to make it easy for customers to access your products,” she said. “Consider partnering with local delivery services or offering curbside pickup to accommodate busy schedules.”

Commit to Quality and Consistency

Conscious consumers can be particular about ingredients, so make sure you’re using items people feel good about.

“Source high-quality ingredients to ensure the taste and consistency of your baked goods,” Jonique said. “Consider using locally sourced and organic ingredients if possible, as they can appeal to health-conscious consumers.”

Manage Finances Wisely

No matter how popular your business is, it might not stay afloat if you don’t pay careful attention to your finances.

“Keep track of your expenses, pricing and profits to ensure the financial sustainability of your business,” Jonique said. “Invest in essential equipment and supplies wisely, and regularly review your pricing strategy to remain competitive while maintaining profitability.”

Develop Your Signature Recipes

“Create a menu of delicious and unique baked goods that set you apart from competitors,” Jonique said. “Experiment with recipes, flavors and presentation to develop your signature offerings that appeal to your target market.”

Along with this, she said you’ll also want to practice and refine your baking skills to ensure you’re consistently producing top-notch products.

“Invest time in learning new techniques, attending baking classes and experimenting with different recipes to expand your repertoire,” she said.

Create an Online Presence

“Establish a professional website and active social media profiles to showcase your products, engage with customers and attract new clients,” Jonique said. “Share mouthwatering photos, baking tips, behind-the-scenes glimpses and special promotions to build a loyal following.”

Personally, she said she is most active on Instagram.

“You don’t need to be on every social media app,” she said. “Find one you can dominate and build your audience.”

Build Relationships

“Foster strong relationships with your customers by providing exceptional service, personalized experience and consistently delicious baked goods,” she said. “Encourage feedback and actively listen to their preferences to tailor your offerings accordingly.”

This can help you generate both repeat customers and word-of-mouth referrals.

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