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6 Ways to Save Money on Summer Travel – The Motley Fool

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These tips may help you trim your spending as you plan your su…….

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These tips may help you trim your spending as you plan your summer vacation.

Key points

  • Your next trip doesn’t need to throw your budget out of whack.
  • Avoiding weekends and holidays and taking advantage of free and low-cost activities are some ways you could save money on summer travel.

Summer is here, and you may be ready to escape reality and take a much-needed getaway. With higher-than-normal travel prices, you may be worried that a vacation is out of budget. If you’re strategic, you can make your next trip more affordable. Keep reading for some helpful tips that could help you save money on summer travel.

1. Avoid weekends and holidays

Many people choose to take vacations over weekends and holidays to use fewer vacation days.

If you go this route, you will likely pay higher costs and deal with more crowds because you’ll be traveling during a popular time.

You may be able to spend less money on your next trip if you travel during the weekdays while more people are working. One option to consider is taking two shorter vacations this summer.

Taking two shorter weekday trips could help you keep more money in your bank account. Plus, it gives you another vacation to look forward to once you get back to work after your first trip.

2. Pick an affordable destination

Not all destinations are affordable. Some places are trendy, so they cost more. If you’re looking to trim your summer vacation spending, consider choosing a more affordable destination.

You’ll want to consider more than just hotel prices and airfare costs as you look at options. It’s a good idea to review restaurant menus, activity prices, and local transit options before planning your travels. You want to be able to enjoy yourself once you arrive, too.

3. Compare home rental and hotel costs

There are many accommodation options to choose from when booking a trip. Because of this, you can be more selective and choose a place that is priced correctly for your budget. Be sure to compare the prices of hotels and home rentals for your destination to get the best deal. If you usually do things one way, don’t be afraid to switch it up to save money.

4. Be strategic when dining out

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