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Since the start of the pandemic, e-commerce sales have been much higher than they were in the past. However, as you may have heard many times, the pandemic didn’t create this trend — it merely accelerated it as it was already in motion. In other words, there is little reason to think that e-commerce won’t be an enormous source of revenue for years to come.

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That’s great news for aspiring entrepreneurs and freelancers, as e-commerce businesses are often easy to start and can have very little overhead. Of course, your costs can be higher if you sell physical products, but with some of the following ideas, even physical goods may not require much capital.

More importantly, all these ideas are businesses you can start from home tomorrow. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll immediately start making thousands of dollars, though. It may take months, or even years, to get to that point. Still, you can start some of these ideas on the side and build them over time. Here are eight e-commerce businesses that could lead to major success.

Online Courses

Online courses are a great business idea because the upfront costs are minimal, yet some of the most popular courses sell for hundreds of dollars. This one is much easier to start if you are already an expert on a topic that is valuable.

If you aren’t already an expert, think about knowledge and skills that will help other entrepreneurs make more money. Once you have built your course, it’s mostly just a matter of promotion and perhaps some periodic updates.

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Like online courses, e-books are essentially just another medium for imparting your knowledge and skills. If you have a topic that doesn’t necessitate showing your screen — or you are just better at expressing yourself via text — eBooks are another option.

E-books usually don’t sell for as much as online courses, but you can create several of them and sell them via your online store. In many cases, it’s as simple as creating a PDF. Of course, they should contain valuable information if want people to pay for them.


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