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Bell Event Studio – Columbia Basin Herald

MOSES LAKE — Some people really love to plan parties. And some people, well, really don’t. The ladies at Bell Event Studio ai…….

MOSES LAKE — Some people really love to plan parties. And some people, well, really don’t. The ladies at Bell Event Studio aim to take the stress off the latter group.

“We want to be a one-stop-shop,” said Christine Villareal-Ontiveros, co-owner of the business, located at 108 W. Third Ave. in Moses Lake. “We decided to offer … a party venue that also offered full decorating and staff services such as cleaning, security, and waitstaff.”

In other words, she explained, Bell Event Studio will go beyond just renting the venue. Villareal-Ontiveros envisions a place where people planning weddings, birthday parties, baby showers and other festive events can turn the stressful parts over to someone else.

In other words, patrons can just come in and say, “I want a party,” and the staff will do the rest.

“I think weddings are fun, because they’re the ones that are usually going to have a dance and it’s more festive,” said Villareal-Ontiveros. “But then, baby showers are fun, because they’re pretty relaxed. We like decorating for all events. And we get just as excited as the customer because we enjoy putting the party together. It’s not stressful for us … Which is why we decided this would be a good idea. Because it’s something that we actually like to do.”

Bell Event Studio is owned by Villareal-Ontiveros and her cousin Dyanis Hernandez-Bello. The name is in honor of Villareal-Ontiveros’ mother, Belkys Villareal, who passed away four years ago, she said. Hernandez-Bello is one of those people with a talent for decorating and party planning, Villareal-Ontiveros said, while she handles the administrative end of things. She also owns a hair salon, she said, so she’s well suited to that aspect of the business. The events center opened to the public April 15-16 with a popup selfie museum, where visitors can pose for photos with a variety of backdrops.

Bell Event Studio is based in a downtown Moses Lake building that can accommodate 130 people sitting down to a meal or 200 for a dance. The venue has lights, decorations and speakers, as well as accessories like a fog machine and karaoke system. They can also arrange parties off-site, she added, at the client’s home or church.

In addition to that, Villareal-Onitveros said, Bell Event Studio can subcontract catering, wait service, lighting and decorations, live music or a deejay, wedding cakes, photographers and a bar, either no-host or open.

“If you want to just do something simple, we charge hourly based on the number of guests,” Villareal-Ontiveros said.

The business also does bundle deals.

“If we decorate and …….


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