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Could Takeout Be Cheaper Than Getting Your Next Meal at the Grocery Store? Maybe – The Motley Fool

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Most people think it’s cheaper to buy groceries instead of ord…….

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Most people think it’s cheaper to buy groceries instead of ordering takeout. But is that always true?

Key points

  • As everyday costs rise, grocery prices are getting out of control.
  • Takeout deals could help you make your next meal cheaper.
  • Buying some food at the grocery store and getting some meals to go might be a good budget-friendly solution to avoid costly grocery bills.

Due to inflation, the prices you’re paying at the grocery store are likely significantly higher. If you’re feeling like you’re overpaying for the food in your fridge, you may want to be strategic about what items you buy at the grocery store. Could takeout be a cheaper option? Maybe.

Most people assume that buying groceries and cooking at home is the more affordable choice. In many cases, that is true. Even when food costs are higher, you can get creative to find affordable meal solutions to eat at home. But it may not always be the best option. In some cases, it may be cheaper to order takeout.

If you’re craving a meal and don’t have most of the ingredients necessary already in your fridge or cupboard, you may need to purchase several items at the grocery store to make it. That could get expensive and put your grocery budget in danger.

Takeout could be cheaper

Should you cook every meal at home? It may be cheaper to order a similar dish at a restaurant in some cases. There are a couple of eateries in my area with affordable, filling dishes. I know the menus well, so I know what meals are worth it and which to avoid.

While I prepare many of my meals at home, I have a couple of go-to meals that I will order for takeout because they’re inexpensive. I find it’s cheaper to buy the meal already made than to purchase all of the ingredients myself.

You may want to look at restaurant meal costs in your area to see if it’s worthwhile to order some meals for takeout. This could help you cut down on your grocery spending, and it could also mean less time cooking and cleaning.

What to consider when comparing food costs

Are you trying to decide if you should make some meals at home or order takeout? When you plan out your meals for the …….


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