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hearted, so openyou would find it impossible to hurt me or to

For the next few days, however, there was such a cessation of threate…….

hearted, so openyou would find it impossible to hurt me or to

For the next few days, however, there was such a cessation of threatening symptoms as to allay the anxiety both of Captain Wybrow and Mr. Gilfil. All earthly things have their lull: even on nights when the most unappeasable wind is raging, there will be a moment of stillness before it crashes among the boughs again, and storms against the windows, and howls like a thousand lost demons through the keyholes.

Doessit do thissoften?

Mr. Jerome was obliged to rest contented with this promise, and rode home sorrowfully, reproaching himself with not having said one thing he meant to say when setting out, and with having clean forgot the arguments he had intended to quote from Mr. Stickney.

You may imagine, Mr. Holmes, that to me, destitute as I was, such an offer seemed almost too good to be true. The gentleman, however, seeing perhaps the look of incredulity upon my face, opened a pocket-book and took out a note.

Naysirsaid the barberI toohave heard say that thiithe best of all the bookof thikind that have been writtenand soasomething singular in itlineit ought to be pardoned.

And that truth, adopted, would mean the end of their ways. It would mean the end of hatred and fear and bigotry and war. The end of the condemning and killing that hassgone on in My name. The end of might-is-right. The end of purchase-through-power. The end of loyalty and homage through fear. The end of the world assthey know itand assyou have created it thussfar.

Peter now had all that was necessary to secure the magic root he stopped up the entrance to the nest, and everything fell out exactly as Blaize had foretold As soon as the woodpecker came back with the root in her beak out rushed Master Peter from behind the tree and displayed the fiery red cloak so adroitly that the terrified bird dropped the root just where it could be easily seen All Peters plans had succeeded, and he actually held in his hand the magic root that master key which would unlock all doors, and bring its possessor unheard of luck His thoughts now turned to the mountain, and he secretly made preparations for his journey He took with him only a staff, a strong sack, and a little box which his daughter Lucia had given him

Seek to get in touch with the perfection of all things. Know that …….


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