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If you are wondering how to make money from home, you are in luck as there are now more options than ever. These options might appeal to specific talents and skills you already have, while others can be achieved by just about anyone who might be interested in taking on the task. 

How To Make Money From Home: 20 Best Ways

Whether it’s monetizing your passion project, starting a blog or even just opening an online store, there are many easy ways to make money from home. Here are 20 great part-time or full-time ways to earn money while working from home: 

  1. Recycle old electronics
  2. Social media management
  3. Data entry
  4. Coding 
  5. Virtual assistant
  6. Dog walking and pet sitting
  7. Proofreading
  8. Medical transcription
  9. Test websites or new products
  10. Sell used items
  11. Take surveys
  12. Online tutor
  13. Virtual recruiter 
  14. Technical writer
  15. Bookkeeper
  16. Graphic designer
  17. Translator
  18. Monetize your hobbies
  19. Rent out rooms in your home
  20. Affiliate marketing 

1. Recycle Old Electronics

There’s nothing like working from home while helping clean it out in the process. Especially if you’ve got a stash of unused electronics collecting dust. There are many companies that will buy old electronics, like iPads, phones and other outdated devices. You can even list them for sale on online marketplaces.

2. Social Media Management

Social media accounts are everywhere and everyone has them. This makes it a ripe space to charge for your skill set if you have expertise in this area. As a social media manager, you would be in charge of expanding the online presence and brand awareness of your customers. 

The intention behind this is to increase sales or attract new customers. If you expand their following or base, they’ll make more money, and if they make more money it’s a good sign that they will also increase your rate of pay. 

3. Data Entry

Many businesses need help inputting data and it is something that can be done remotely. If you have a computer and an eye for detail, you might be right at home with this side hustle. To land a data entry job, you should look for postings on reliable job boards and be prepared to take an entry test.

4. Coding

As technology continues to play a bigger part in everyday life, there will always be a need for people to help build and maintain the systems that keep things running.

Julia Taylor, founder of GeekPack, said, “Knowing how to code and build websites is a skill that allows you to work from home at your own pace and on your own schedule.” She also said, “It’s not unusual for new coders to make double their salary in the 9-to-5 world in their first month of coding. And while it’s a highly in-demand skill, it’s not difficult to learn, akin to learning a second language, as that’s really what code is like.”

5. Virtual Assistant 

Virtual assistants are another in-demand profession. “The market is hot for virtual assistants who can build automations for clients, segment email lists and create integrations that every business owner dreams of so they can automate their business to save time and money,” said The OBM Office LLC owner, LaToya Russell. For this side hustle, you might even take advantage of ChatGPT to help you with your daily tasks.

6. Dog Walking and Pet Sitting

While this one technically involves leaving your house, if you’re an animal lover, dog-walking can be a lucrative source of income. You can get started dog walking by posting ads on Craigslist or Rover.

If you establish a list of clients with whom you have a good rapport with both the pet and owner, you could also parlay that into pet sitting. You could do this from your own home and it’s an easy way to rack up the hours and make some passive income. For example, you could charge $200 per day. If you pet-sat during the week for five days, you could earn an additional $1,000 that week. 

7. Proofreading

For all the grammar enthusiasts out there, there are plenty of proofreading jobs that have been outsourced to freelance platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Before you pick up assignments, make sure you understand the compensation and time that it will take you to complete it.

8. Medical Transcriptionist

Medical transcriptionists transcribe and type up the medical reports of physicians and other healthcare practitioners. It’s pretty straightforward work that is well suited to you if you have strong typing skills and some knowledge of medical terminology. When you transcribe, you write down and record what has been dictated to you for filing purposes.

9. Test Websites and New Products

Companies are always on the lookout for consumer input on their new products. And, as Oak View Law Principal Attorney, Lyle Solomon pointed out, these new inventions “are usually subjected to numerous rounds of testing,” which could translate to a payday for you. 

Solomon also said, “These stages of testing ensure that every bug is discovered before the product reaches paying customers. Most of the time, brands will offer you to try out new products. Toluna, Nielsen, Vindale Research and Pinecone Research are just a few platforms that might assist you in finding goods to test for extra cash.”

In the same vein, testing websites can also benefit a company by helping them create a user-friendly platform. You can seek out companies looking for this specific type of feedback and help to earn some extra money.

10. Sell Your Used Items

Electronics aren’t the only thing that can help bring in cash while you’re at home. You can sell gently-used items on platforms like ThredUP, Poshmark or Mercari.

If you wanted to start smaller and more locally you could even list a few things on Facebook Marketplace. It’s an easy move to make a little extra cash, especially if you already have a Facebook account. 

11. Take Surveys

For anyone who’s already prone to hanging around at home with their phone or laptop, online surveys can be a lucrative money-maker. There are plenty of legitimate survey sites like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Some of these sites pay you for doing more than just surveys. You could be paid for playing games or shopping.

12. Online Tutor 

Many students seek guidance to get help with or further expand upon varying school subject matters. This is where being an online tutor can be both in demand and lucrative. You can assist them in preparation for standardized tests, but also help them to help with their general classwork and curriculum. 

As for pricing, depending on your skill set or area of expertise, your rates can vary. For some specialized help with certain tests, you could charge $50 hourly. This would mean if you did a two-hour tutoring session you could earn $100 that day for just that session. 

13. Virtual Recruiter 

If you have a background in human resources, you could transition well into virtual recruiting from home. These specialists seek out viable candidates for job openings through social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Indeed. Many organizations pay virtual recruiters to ensure jobs are being filled by qualified candidates.

14. Technical Writer 

Technical writers have high earning potential performing online duties such as creating support documents that make technical jargon easier to understand. They may also write copy for instructional manuals, journal articles, appendices and maintenance documents. This is a great opportunity for writers to get paid for their abilities. 

15. Bookkeeper 

If you are a person who loves organization and computing data, bookkeeping could be the gig for you. This position can be worked from anywhere but often requires a degree in accounting or another related business degree. Some tasks bookkeepers perform include keeping track of payroll, inventory, expenses or any other piece of financial information. 

16. Graphic Designer 

You can create and sell your graphic designing skills online in many ways. If you have a talent for creating custom logos, images, menus and landing pages, just to name a few, you can charge companies who require these services directly. You can also freelance through platforms such as Fivver. Graphic designers are in demand for both commercial and promotional needs.

17. Translator

If you are bilingual or speak multiple languages, translation or interpreting is a great way to make some passive income. To monetize this skill you take written text or audio files in one language and translate them into another language for companies or individuals. 

18. Monetize Your Hobbies

Any number of hobbies can be turned into some cash on the side. Depending on what you do to pass the time, you can look into sites like Etsy and SoundCloud. These offer endless opportunities for just about any kind of hobby.

19. Rent Out Rooms in Your Home 

Taking on housemates can be a great way to not only help cover or contribute to your rent or mortgage payments but also help subsidize your monthly utility bills. If you have an extra room in your house, you can rent it out through platforms like Airbnb or even take on a full-time roommate to help split some of your costs. 

20. Affiliate Marketing 

With affiliate marketing, you promote the products and services of other companies on your social media platforms or blog. When a subscriber clicks one of your affiliate links and makes a purchase, you’ll earn a percentage of the money they spent. You can do this from home and don’t have to create or sell your own products or services so it’s quite simple to sit back and make some extra cash.

Final Take To GO

Figuring out how to make money from home is easy these days since remote work has grown so rapidly. You can apply your current skills or learn new ones in many online opportunities and occupations. Making money from home is now more than just a luxury, it is also an ample breeding ground for increasing your income. 


Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about making money from home.
  • How can I make $100 a day?
    • An easy way to make $100 in one day is to tutor. For specialized help with certain tests, you could charge $50 hourly. This would mean if you did a two-hour tutoring session, you could earn $100.
  • How can I make $1,000 a week from home?
    • Pet sitting is one way to make $1,000 in one week from home. If you charge $200 per day and pet-sat for five days, you could earn $1,000.
  • How can you earn $1,000 per day from home?
    • To earn $1,000 per day from home, you might have to take on a few side gigs. If you pet sit, did a few technical writing assignments and sold a few of your items, you could earn quite a bit in one day from home.

Caitlyn Moorhead contributed to the reporting for this article.