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Redbubble is a print-on-demand service that allows designers to create a line of products displaying their artwork. The site manufactures and ships the products and pays royalties on the sales.

Artists can develop a great side hustle with Redbubble. Using effective descriptions and tags, driving search traffic and creating a standout identity are the keys to earning a steady and significant income on the platform.

How Redbubble Works

There’s no subscription required to access the Redbubble platform. The designer selects which products will carry the design. There are dozens available, from t-shirts to cups, stickers to posters. Once the design is published, Redbubble makes the products available for purchase. Products are only made once a sale is complete, hence the name “print on demand.” The default royalty rate paid to the designer is 20% of the sale price. 

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Here’s a step-by-step guide to setting up your account and getting your designs on the platform.

1. Open Your Redbubble Account

To set up a Redbubble account, go to, the site’s home page. Click on the red “Sell Your Art” button at the top of the page. Now click on the red “Start Selling” button that appears. Make sure the “Artist Signup” button is highlighted, then fill out the form with your email address, desired username and password.

2. Set Up Shop

Now that you’ve opened your Redbubble account, you’ll arrive at the site’s main dashboard. You can set up your own Redbubble shop with an avatar, cover image and bio. One good way for users to promote their designs is to guide social media accounts to their Redbubble page.

On the dashboard, link your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Redbubble. If you have a Twitter account, let your followers know about your new and upcoming designs.

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3. Getting Paid

On the dashboard there is also a “Get Paid” box where you give the site your bank account information and other payment details. You can also set up your PayPal account to receive Redbubble royalties.

Good to Know

Redbubble pays via PayPal once a month, as long as your royalty earnings have reached at least $20. Artists can adjust the royalty rate on their work, but a higher royalty also means a more expensive purchase for the customer.

4. Upload Your Artwork

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