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Keeping American pantries stocked for nearly 40 years, Sam’s Club is the brainchild of Sam Walton — the Henry Ford of retail shopping, Walton also gave the world Walmart. It’s not the only warehouse club in America, but its loyalists insist that it’s the best. They just might be right, but like the others, you need to buy a membership to shop there.

So, does Sam’s Club actually save you money? It certainly can — but membership isn’t right for every shopper. Here’s what you need to consider before you sign up.

Is Sam’s Club Worth It? What To Know Before You Join

First things first — do you live near a Sam’s Club? There are nearly 600 locations in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, so make sure you’re within convenient driving distance of one before you make your decision on whether or not to join.

If you don’t live close to a Sam’s Club, or if you just want to shop around, its two primary competitors are Costco and BJ’s, which follow a similar store format and have similar member benefits. As a warehouse club with a limited-item model, you have to buy a membership in order to shop there — although you can visit a store with a friend who is a member, which you might want to do first before you commit anyway.

There Are 2 Membership Options

Sam’s Club is cheaper to join than both of its competitors at both of its membership tiers. It costs $45 per year for Club and $100 for Plus ($60/$120 at Costco and $55/$110 at BJ’s). Membership benefits at the two price levels include:

  • Club: Same-day delivery, Instant Savings, discounted gas, free select services at the tire and battery center, add-on memberships for $40, and a complimentary membership for one other person in the household.
  • Plus: The Plus membership has everything from Club plus free shipping, 2% cash rewards on qualifying pickup and in-store purchases, free curbside pickup, early shopping, free select generic prescriptions and $10 or less for more than 600 others, 20% off glasses, and 15% off Pandora.

Currently, Sam’s Club is offering a $45 gift card for signing up, which essentially waives the first year’s membership fee for Club members.

Sam’s Club Mastercard Offers Excellent Cash-Back Rewards

The Sam’s Club Mastercard is part of the package at both price levels. Unlike so many store cards, its rewards program is one to envy. You get 5% cash back on gas — anywhere, not just at Sam’s — up to the …….


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