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Moving? Here’s How To Get Free or Cheap Furniture on Social Media – GOBankingRates

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kupicoo / Getty Images

You just moved into a new place you adore, but it’s a bit sparse. Whether you got rid of a lot before you moved or your new home is simply bigger than your old one, you need more furniture.

The average cost to furnish a one-bedroom apartment is $3,500 — and that’s on the low end — according to HomeAdvisor. If you need to furnish an entire house, this cost rises significantly to an average of $16,000.

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To be honest, your furniture budget is pretty tight, so you’re looking to spend as little as possible. Here are six ways to get free or cheap furniture on social media.

Spread the Word

The best way to get what you want is to ask for it. Let your network know you’re looking for free or cheap furniture by posting a request on social media.

Explain exactly what you need — i.e., a bed, couch, kitchen table — so people know to keep their eyes open for these items. Ask them to share your post with their network to broaden your reach and increase your chances of getting everything you want.

Scroll With a Mission

No doubt, you spend time browsing through your social media feed each day, so make this part of your furniture search. Sure, you would notice if someone posted free furnishings, but you can dig deeper.

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Seek out other people who are moving, redecorating or having a garage sale. Just because they don’t post about furniture they’re getting rid of doesn’t mean they don’t have it.

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Check Facebook Marketplace

A great way to connect with people in your local area looking to get rid of the furniture you need, Facebook Marketplace has it all. No matter what kind of furnishings you need, there’s a good chance someone within close driving distance has it listed on the site for cheap or free.

Visit the site frequently, as people are constantly posting new furniture offerings. You don’t want …….


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