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Whether you’re waterproofing your basement, building a deck, remodeling a kitchen or anything in between, your choice of contractors will determine how much the project will cost and how well it will be done.

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If you’re looking for a top-notch professional who will do the job right, you can save money, speed up the timeline and avoid the most common pitfalls by following this list of do’s and don’ts.

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Do Deal Only With Licensed Professionals

When you’re shopping for contractors, you probably already know to scour the internet for reviews. But your vetting process has to go a bit further to make sure you’re dealing with a certified professional and not just some person with a truck, tools and a little bit of know-how.

“When hiring a contractor of any description, you should always ensure they’re adequately licensed and registered with the relevant boards,” said Ray Brosnan of Brosnan Property Solutions. 

Do Hire a Contractor Who Can Secure the Permits You’ll Need

If it’s the type of job that requires municipal permission, make sure any contractor you’re working with is ready and willing to secure the proper paperwork.

“Firstly, enquire as to whether or not this job will require a permit or planning permission,” Brosnan said. “Large scale jobs like additions to structures and major alterations usually require a permit, and a decent contractor will handle this entire process.”

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Don’t Wait Until the Permits Are in Hand

It’s good to know in advance what permits you’ll need — but securing them is not the first step in the process.

“Reach out to contractors as soon as you know you want to renovate or build,” said Ryan Meagher, business development manager and lead estimator for BVM Contracting. “Many people wait until they have permits to reach out to contractors, but this will put you at a disadvantage and will inevitably lead to a rushed decision about who to work with and not enough research or touch points. Reach out to a contractor …….


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