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It could cost you real money to earn your wages — at least according to a new report that looks at the costs behind going into an office versus working from home. It found that workers could be spending twice as much just to show up at work.

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The study comes from Owl Labs, a 360-degree video conferencing solutions company that puts together an annual State of Remote Work report. The 5th annual edition for 2021, released in early September, tackles everything from trends regarding remote and hybrid work to the real cost of commuting during times of inflation — as well as proximity bias fears and the topic of “quiet quitting.” 

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The general consensus hinted at throughout said report is: People want to work from home. In fact, according to the Owl Labs study — which polled 2,050 full-timers across the country — 90% of respondents said they felt they were more productive working remotely compared to when they are in the office.

There could be financial savings attached to working from home, too. Owl Labs found that inflation and gas prices are actually making it more expensive to work in an office. They claim it costs roughly $863/month for most employees to commute to work versus staying at home, which is about $432/month (for utilities, office supplies, etc). As such, 14% of respondents even said they should be paid more for going into work.

Another discovery is that a majority of survey respondents indicated being able to work remotely has enhanced their personal lives, with 58% saying they are best able to optimize work-life balance by staying at home. In fact, the desire for work-life balance and being fed up with burnout has led many to “quietly quit,” or do no more than the bare minimum required for the job. It’s the new Great Resignation, but also a trend that could actually hurt employers more in the long run (if they don’t adapt), per Work Life.

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Owl Labs even noted, “Employers may be getting more out of their remote workers, and in return they are creating policies to better support them.” The study goes as far as to note that one in three respondents would quit their job if remote work goes away.

With people wanting to stay in their home …….


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